Open Letter on Mother’s Day


You taught me to love and be kind. To be strong. To adapt. Not to judge. To work hard, not just for a dollar, but because some things really matter. You let me believe that I could be anything, helped me learn when I failed, and pushed me along through my success.

You brought me out into nature, taught me to swim, let me learn the lessons of pill-bugs, tree frogs, and spiders, encouraged my curiosities. You taught me the value of self-less service, family, and honesty. You let me study philosophy and art, knowing that neither would make me rich, but that either might help me feel fulfilled.

Here’s to wishing for new generation of moms, powerful and proud as you. Mothers who aren’t afraid of loving unconditionally. Mothers who know that both quality and quantity are important when it comes to time spent with their children. Mothers full of empathy who come in all shapes and sizes. Mothers who see people as sources of wonder, inner fulfillment as a goal, and who never give up.

Happy Mother’s Day!

About wagarob

doucement, je commence à apprendre le monde de cette technologie étrange ... doucement
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