Dog and Pony Show

“Step right on up!” the showman brayed

His stomach oozed, his mouth – it sprayed

– “Come sell my worthless sh*t.” –

“A pyramid scheme, it’s worked before.

Let’s resurrect this lawless score!”

– “Sell undesired gifts!” –

“There’s prizes?!” asks a youth’s delight,

Who’s never heard of children’s rights.

– “I’ll sell your worthless sh*t” –

A will-full laborer is he

Whose youth earns cash for company

– “To whom shall I sell it?” –

“To friends and family, strangers too

At church, at home, or in the zoo

– And please now, don’t forget –

Sell out your close. Forget not far.

If one can’t reach them in a car

– We’ll mail ’em our full kit! –

So hurry children, sell the pitch.

That makes us sound a bit less sketch.

– Profit, prophet, profit!” –

‘Tis the season for fundraisers. :)



NB: I couldn’t find the video used to rile the kids up on YouTube (no surprise), but I did find this video showing some of their possible monkey prizes. The original had clips from the sound-tracks of about 20 well known pieces (Spiderman theme song, Bob Marley, Batman, etc.) accompanying low-quality animation of the monkeys moving about various landscapes. Also of note (though not as proximally linked), the school played “the Candyman can” over the speakers in-between classes after having introduced the speaker as “Candyman George”.


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