DIA’s Inside|Out Ride

The DIA’s “Inside|Out” exhibit aims to actively bring art into the community. This is done with hyper-realistic reproduction prints (original size, content, frames, etc) that are placed around Detroit and its neighboring cities for the public’s free enjoyment. This past weekend, I was fortunate to have participated in Detroit’s Inside|Out events.

See what you missed below!*

Also, check out video of the Spoken-Word Poetry and Open-Eye Theatre!

A special thanks to Tom with Detroit Bikes, DIA volunteer docent, Bea, the many people that volunteered and lent support to the ride, as well as the DIA’s helpful and friendly Gabby and Kathyryn!

*You may have missed the day, but the art is still on display. Find locations here!




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One Response to DIA’s Inside|Out Ride

  1. Lynn Hartwig says:

    Thanks for sharing the art and the pictures of the folks on the ride.

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