St. Agnes

Alt Title: Scenes of Urban Decay – a Sad and Exquisitely Beautiful Process – One

St. Agnes actively housed a church family from 1924 through 2006. Until 2009, the building remained in relatively good repair. Sadly, from 2009 on out, scrappers, taggers, and the elements took their toll. In June 2012, the church was purchased by Kentucky born, Scott Griffin, who recently moved to Detroit from New York and started buying real-estate (Curbed Detroit HQ, some Bucky-Ball shaped houses, St Agnes, etc). Possibly related to Mr. Griffin’s acquisition, there’s been talk that the now crumbling St. Agnes housed part of the filming of the upcoming “Transformers 4” movie produced in Detroit earlier this year.

In the tropics, unchecked vegetal growth can crumble the sturdiest of human monuments with grace and ease. Abandoned desert abodes quickly become over-run by the sand against which they were erected to protect. An urban landscape often has different, but similarly trans-formative forces at play for the unclaimed edifice.  See some of these forces for yourself.




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2 Responses to St. Agnes

  1. Theresa Kuehn says:

    Hi wagarob…Great Images!!! Do you know how I could contact Scott Griffin? I’ve been trying to find his contact information…

    • wagarob says:

      Thanks! Sorry I have no contact info, but I’d imagine it might be available if you contacted Curbed Detroit (Scott Griffin is listed as one of the landlords of their office-space). Good luck!

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