Top 10 Indicators Your Bicycle Garmin Unit is Cheating on You with a Newer Model

10. Your GPS unit calls *this* a road:


9. You indicate to “Avoid freeways” and it does…except in cases when the highway it leads you to happens to *also* be a freeway for several miles!

8. Your Garmin takes you on gravel roads in Iowa when there are ~equidistant good asphalt roads.

NB: Biking steep rolling hills + gravel roads = bad life decision.

7. Your Garmin shows you this the day before you enter Iowa:


6. Your Garmin crosses the Missouri river by taking you 3 miles south, over a busy highway bridge, and 3 miles north again (through down-town Omaha and heavy, hilly traffic) rather than across the pedestrian bridge that was built for bikers just like you and leads where you were going!


Thanks Google-Earth for helping me make this image with their pretty maps!

5. Your unit has (and is set to) a bike mode but fails to recognise (2013 North America Maps) or recommend (2014 North America Maps) *any* bike trails.

4. You can download maps with a one year subscription, but your Dakota 10 unit can store less than half of them, doesn’t have a card slot, and after a year, even having paid for *all* 2013’s maps, won’t let you access them anymore.

3. Out of date (2013 North America Maps) info leads you to three consecutive non-existent libraries (that were all moved *prior to* one year ago).

2. Only some libraries are listed with their city (three which I looked for and biked to were unlisted as being in downtown Gary, IN*!).


1. Your Garmin simply constantly feeds you incorrect information


When going to Morrison Rockwood State Park, my Garmin unit led me to this *horse trail* near someone’s private property.  Clearly enough people have been misled in this way that this sign was put up!

Hope you enjoyed!


*Gary, IN: making Detroit look pristine since *forever*!

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doucement, je commence à apprendre le monde de cette technologie étrange ... doucement
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