Chicago – Home

Alt title- Summer Ride, The Final Leg

My route home from Chicago took me again through hospitable Hammond, IN, into Bear Cave Resort in Buchanan, MI, and again across the kind and lovely friends and family in Battle Creek, Lansing (where I got to tour the Capital Building), Ann Arbor, and finally Dearborn Heights, MI.  The final trip odometer for my Summer Ride read 2200+ miles. :)

I cannot thank everyone who participated in my Summer Ride enough, as it was through your open-ness of heart, house, and minds that I was able to conceive and complete this summer’s cycling journey.  A special thanks to Tom and Rachel, Katie, Kristen and Eric, Marilyn, Adam and Lauren, Fran, Laura, Shelly and Carl, Rachel, Jen, Nick, Anna, Cindy, Sam, Kaitlin and Jim, Erika, Shannon, Halley and Celia, Jessi, Gaby, Zainab (and lots more fun Iowa City peeps), Megan, Andy, Tom, Zakk, Sean, Leah, Mike, Jenna, Rachel, and everyone else whose names remain unknown but who made my trip unforgettable through our interactions.

I arrived back home in Dearborn Heights, MI on 8-8-13 coming from AA and passing through Detroit partially as a symbolic measure to tie my ride in with several I have taken with Detroit Bikes and in part because I really enjoy biking in the city. Since my return I have been a bit swamped with responsibilities, so it has taken a few days to get photos up. Apologies for that.



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One Response to Chicago – Home

  1. Lynn Hartwig says:

    Rob helped make the magic happen coming home early for Rachel’s shower Saturday. Thanks for the photos, yard work, set up, prep, and clean up!! All done so cheerfully and efficiently. Love you Rob!! Mom

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