Devonian Gorge, Corralville, IA

I’m playing catch-up since I finally found a computer that can read my card without deleting ALL MY PHOTOS!

Devonian Gorge, near Iowa City, IA, was uncovered in 1993 and further in 2008 by two successive floods which swept away (literally) tons of topsoil, pavement, and bedrock.  The flooding exposed a myriad of fossils for the viewing pleasure of any and all that wish to explore. While I squatted for hours shooting photos, several groups of children ran around with buckets and nets looking for wild-life.  Lots of snakes and frogs were found, and one child even ended up with a crayfish in his bucket.

Devonian Gorge is free to visit and FRICKEN SWEET!  If you find yourself in/near Iowa City, you *should* go there!  If not, you should at least enjoy my attempt to do it justice and, as always, please request permission and credit me if using any of my photos.  Thanks!



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doucement, je commence à apprendre le monde de cette technologie étrange ... doucement
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