Summer Ride, IL -> IA

Day counting is getting a little difficult, and I don’t imagine many of you care which day something happened, so instead, I’ll focus on some of the places, events, etc.

Over the last several days, I biked from Chicago, Illinois, to Iowa City, Iowa.

Here’s a few fun stats:

My current mile count is just above 700.  My longest individual day so far has been just over 100.

So far I have been chased after by 4 dogs (all in mid to western IL).  The biggest was a rather large dalmatian.

Before entering IA, I realised that my mapping software didn’t include the state, that my evening stopping point was altered, and that I might have to cross the Mississippi on a bridge for Interstate Freeway traffic.  All of these dilemmas have been rectified.

In IA, in addition to the ever amazing Halley Brus and her friends, I met David Tetrick ( on his way from Oregon to the East Coast on bike.  His current mileage is ~2x my expected total mileage.  Needless to say, good times have occurred all around. :)




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