Summer Ride #1

Everything has a season, and the season for my weekly comics now has to make way for this new season of summer bike riding.

“Season of riding?” you say, “what might that possibly mean?”

Well.  In short, I plan to bike, on and off, for the next two months.  My goal is to ride from Dearborn Heights, MI to Omaha, NE and back.  One of the (many) provisions I have acquired in preparation for this ride was a 64 gig SD card for my camera.  What this means to you is “Good News!  Il y aura des photos!”

*Some* of the gear.

*Some* of the gear.

I don’t know how many days I’ll have access to WiFi, a computer to upload photos, or even electricity, but I promise to take some time to find all these occasionally during my trip and certainly as well when I return.

I tested out my bike with my considerably heavy bag (>50 lbs) today, and it will certainly be an effort on some days, but the bike makes a rather mammoth bag feel quite manageable.  The 13 mile test flew by.  Also, it’s hard to explain how pumped I am about this ride. :)

The ride starts on Sunday morning (6-16-2013) and should total ~2000 miles in 2 months.

Photos to come.



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doucement, je commence à apprendre le monde de cette technologie étrange ... doucement
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5 Responses to Summer Ride #1

  1. Lynn Hartwig says:

    Excited for you Rob. Looking forward to the photos. Much love and prayers for a good journey. Mom

  2. wendy strauss says:

    That sounds amazingn can’t wait to see all the gorgeous pics! Happy trails

  3. Rev. Diana says:

    My prayers go with you!

  4. Lee Shippey says:

    Just wishing you the best. . . its an inspiring example to “Get Back on that Bike”.
    So, I’ve found a few websites to assist bike transportation in Michigan and beyond.

    Happy trails,

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