Where has all the Elbow Grease Gone?

Preface/disclaimer: I am not a certified teacher.  However, I do fill in for them regularly.


Perhaps it has always been the case, but it appears that many of today’s youth are spoon-fed knowledge in pre-digested form and often still not held accountable if they fail to process it (for a plethora of reasons).  The most blatant example lately was a student that had a final exam read aloud to him in my prep room (part of his plan), eliminating 2 of 4 multiple choice answers (not part of his plan), and then indicating which ones he *might* want to look back over (*absolutely* not part of *any* serious plan!).  This particular student was a sweet fellow, and could probably use some breaks in life, but in case you weren’t following closely, this “testing method” *guaranteed* the student a 100% grade on an exam that was supposed to serve as an indicator of achievement.

I realise that my experience in the classroom is but one anecdote among many.  Please feel free to share stories that support the contrary in the comments.  Thanks!

Skeptically squinting out at y’all with a furrowed brow,


Unrelated but good news, the MI Ave trail under 275 is open again as of a few months ago.  Hurrah!



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