Accountability and Transparency

A little thought experiment...

A little thought experiment…

Several people have pointed out that the Obama administration certainly isn’t the first to oversee IRS profiling.  This doesn’t make it right.  Further, I recognise that there are other systemic issues (disproportionately well funded interest groups, campaign finance, etc.) that make any real accountability more and more difficult.  With all this in mind, I wish only to remind us of our role in all this.  While on a personal level we are frequently fine upstanding citizens, we can hardly claim *any* outrage if all we do is listen to jokers and entertainers in order to learn the state of our nation/lives.

When two news sources report the same news but with a different spin and each is believed without question, the problem lies with us, not the irritainment news industry that has learned over time how to keep us hooked^.

Sometimes fighting for truth is as simple as watching a different channel.



^hint, it’s not by reporting the news without bias.


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