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Belle Isle…est vraiment belle!

Yesterday (15-09-2012) was the re-opening of the Belle Isle aquarium.  With this in mind, I decided to bike out and see things for myself.  On the way, I passed (in the wrong direction) the Tour De Troit.  According to their … Continue reading

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2016: Obama’s America – a review

I came to see this film a little concerned.  Not concerned about what I would see in the film, but rather how people would see me for attending it.  I expected to be judged for watching the conservative counterpart to … Continue reading

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Magic People, RenFest People

I recently up-ed an album onto FB with pictures of some of the entertainment I encountered at the Michigan Renaissance Festival.  There were several fire tricks (breathing and eating), jousting, comedy, song, and even a belly-dancer, dancing to drums and bag-pipes … Continue reading

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Blue Moon

La lune La ciel est nuageux ce soir.  On ne peut pas bien te voir.  Mais pardon, VOUS êtes beaucoup plus grande que moi.  Je viens de mal-parler sans respect.  SVP, me pardonnez.  Merci pour la compréhension.  Vous êtes tout … Continue reading

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