A Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Each year, the American Alzheimer’s Association holds a walk at the Detroit Zoo and more than 600 other locations across the U.S. to raise money for Alzheimer’s research, education, and support.  Here are some pictures I took this year:

A special thanks to those that donated.  Lots of people came out and the event was a huge success!

Hope you enjoyed the photos and will consider coming to next year’s walk.  It’s fun and for a good cause.

Cheers.  Rob.

About wagarob

doucement, je commence à apprendre le monde de cette technologie étrange ... doucement
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3 Responses to A Walk to End Alzheimer’s

  1. Sara G. says:

    You were right across the street from my house! I’m on the other side of the fence from the Africa Train Station (we’ll i’m currently in the BF but you know what i mean).

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