Snoop Lion!

Alternately, “What’s in a Name?”

By now, unless you’ve been under water, in a cave, on a plane, or locked away in some other place where the interwebs don’t shine, you’ve probably heard the news.  Snoop Dogg, formerly known as Snoop Doggy Dogg, and christened Calvin Broadus by his mother, is now reinventing himself again as “Snoop Lion” following a trip to Jamaica.

est-ce qu’il est un vrai rasta?

As reported by multiple media sources, this name change came from a Rastafari priest, who shook his head and said stated, “no more” when Snoop introduced himself as ‘Snoop dogg.’  The priest proceded to dub him “Snoop Lion.”

With the change of name came a change of music.  Stating that, “anytime the spirit calls you, you gotta know…that it’s serious, and it’s real.  So, when the spirit called me, it told me that…basically, find something that was connected towards the Bob Marley spirit, because I’ve always said that I was Bob Marley reincarnated.”  A bold claim that has yet to be tested.

Amongst other raggae titles, his new record will have a track, No Guns Allowed.  Coming from a (former?) rap gangster, the change of pace could hardly be more abrupt.  Snoop claims this style of music is something he had been looking for.  Something kids can listen to and his grandmother can be proud of.

Referring to his previous work, he says “I’ve got rap songs that will never die…and it ain’t with no disrespect, but, I’m tired of rapping.” However, in a later interview, he reports that rap is not definitively out for him in the future, “but right now, I’m Snoop Lion, and I’m having fun with this Raggae movement, so…hopefully you guys will enjoy it as well.

“Jah Rastafari!”

NB:  I wonder, had he had gone to Burkina Faso and been dubbed Snoop Ouédraogo, how his life and music might have changed.  Can anyone imagine Snoop (Lion/Dogg/Doggy Dogg) playing a kora?!

NB 2:  I made some of his album covers into coloring book pages since his new raggae stint is supposed to be kid friendly.  Enjoy!


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