A Day at the Nature Preserve

Saturday morning, Rob woke up early.  “To-day I am going to visit my sister!” he said to no one in particular.

double vision (?!)

Rob got out of bed and packed his bag.  He snuck out on his bike and hit the road!

In route, Rob stopped when he noticed some pretty flowers.  Rob’s camera would take pictures of one flower or the other, but not both!  Rob’s camera was not in a sharing mood.

At his sister’s place, Rob and his sister Jenny went for a stroll.  They went to a park.  As they were about to enter the park, a big lady said, “Don’t go in there!”

“What’s wrong?” Rob wondered.  “Is there anything bad in the park?” he asked the lady.

The lady said she wasn’t sure, but when a police car approached followed by another, she told them all about two people in the woods wearing silly hats and holding swords.  “…one of the men told the other to ‘breathe deeply,’ and that’s when I turned around and called you,” she told the police.

The kind lady cop told the large lady it was probably just some ninjas practicing karate, but she and her partner would check it out.  One of the other people gathered around had a club-like night-stick.

Jenny and Rob decided that they would not wait for the police to encounter the ninjas, so they kept walking.

To a cemetary.

On the service road, Rob and Jenny saw the tombstone of someone named ‘SLOW.’  Later, they encountered another named ‘STOP.’  Rob wondered if they would also encounter ‘NO’ or ‘DON’T.’  They did not.

The bars of the cemetary were bent all over.  Why would the bars be bent if there is a large gate at both ends of the cemetary???  That’s when Rob remembered that zombies don’t handle gates all that well.

Next, Rob and Jenny went to another park.


Here they saw a lady deer.  You could see her ribs, so Jenny and Rob chose to view her from afar so she could continue eating.

On the path, a strange thing happened.  As if by magic, all the ducks began waddling towards Rob and Jenny.  Being well versed in the signs of the zombie apocalypse (and having witnessed the zombie-bent-bars just earlier), Jenny and Rob knew not to stick around and get eaten.  They fled.

NB: In duck speak, ‘bread crumbs’ and ‘brains’ both sound a bit like “quack, quack!”

After that, it was time to eat and leave.  Rob thanked his sister Jenny for the day of fun-filled-adventure and continued on his way.


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doucement, je commence à apprendre le monde de cette technologie étrange ... doucement
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