a Visual Catch-All

(update 7-23-2012)

Hygiene 2 (in English)

The first set of images (in the following album) is meant to illustrate how certain things (such as hot pepper or microbes) stay on your hands even if they are not visible.  The bad teacher, Madame Méchante, tells the students each time to rub their eyes with painful results until the final student uses soap and water.  I used this at a “Health in Rural Settings” presentation for Burkinabé volunteers, and many of them approached me at the lunch break for the next several days asking if I had washed my hands.

PC BF Logos

The second set are some logos I designed at the request of PC staff and Committee members.

Appropriate Technology

*The last three images in the above album were developped to demonstrate some locally available technology in a rural setting.*

Food dehydrator – 1. Slice food to be dried thinly, 2. Place food on a sifter, 3. Hang sifters so that air flow reaches all sides (lack of air circulation contributes to molding), 4. Cover with netting to avoid insects – [Within a variable matter of time (humidity and heat dependant) you will have dehydrated food.  Usually to guard nutritional content, this is best done in the shade.]

Desert Fridge (or Zeer Pot) – 1. Place a clay pot in another clay half-pot filled with sand, 2. Water the sand (functions by evaporative cooling), 3. Can be filled with water (for cool water) or fruits/veggies (if f/v, avoid contact with moisture…causes mold, etc.) – [Keeps food/water cool.]

Lost Well – 1. Dig a hole where there is habitually standing water, 2. Fill hole first with sand, 3. Next with small rocks, 4. Next with larger rocks, 5. Finally cover it (thus making it “lost”) – [Destroys standing water where mosquitoes breed]

Hmm.  I was going to add another gallery, but apparently the blog-gods frown upon the idea of two galleries in one post.  Alors, rather than create a catch-all, I appear to have merely created a catch-alot.

Hope you enjoyed for now!



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doucement, je commence à apprendre le monde de cette technologie étrange ... doucement
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