If you travel far enough down the rabbit hole, you may find it is not the rabbit you chase, but your self.

Since Saturday’s post, I have gotten advice from several great advisors, sought new directions, healed, danced in a neck brace, and danced without a neck brace (mostly in my head since I’ve hardly had the opportunity yet).   Things are shaping up and I may even almost break even after they add in about $8.50/day unemployment*.

But none of that has anything to do with hygiene, alors, je commence tout de suite sur cette thème.

When we say hygiene, everyone know’s what we’re talking about, right?  People that look dirty and smell aren’t hygienic.  Duh.

Turns out it’s just as simple as that, and not at all that simple.  In fact, visual hygiene is occasionally very well understood in Burkina.  Even as the temp gets into the 140s F and sandstorms are knocking at your door, certain individuals manage to stay meticulously clean (looking).  They may even smell strongly of cologne/perfume.**

So what’s the big deal?

In a word, soap.

From a community health perspective, I’m much more concerned with what I cannot see than with what I can.  I might look cool in hip-hop jeans and a cool hat, but when I eat with my hands and I haven’t used soap, it’s germs that could still get me sick.

So, sans trop parler, voila quelques images parlant de l’hygiène.

General Handwashing

General Hygiene 1

General Hygiene 2

And a little something for the BF kids who have already seen it all…

Strange Amphibian Creeps Across Crinkled Paper

Anthropomorphic Flower Face Man

Disappearing Act

Thanks for following.


NB: *don’t ever get unemployment right after having worked at PC.

**Many (children) will not really look OR smell clean (ever).


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