Stupid tangents

So as many of you know, I was recently involved in a relatively bad accident.  I was biking down the bike lane a bit like this…

It wasn’t really the end.  However, after developing plans to deal with lots of broken bones and lacerations on my face and neck, double vision, and bleeding into my brain, I was just starting to feel like I had a bit of a grasp on my situation.

That’s when…

ambulance bill in the mail!  crap, how had i been so stupid as to think that someone was taking care of the finances (even if they told me that someone was while i was in the hospital and further told me not to worry because “it’ll all work out”.)???  it’s ok…i just have to call up the other guy’s insurance like they told me to when they found out that i didn’t have auto insurance for my BIKE.  wait?  what’s that you say?!  the guy was lying when he said he had insurance?  he doesn’t have active insurance?  i’m probably going to have to duke this out in small claims court or something like that?  FML!

  • earlier today

So now I’m back to being freaked out.  At least physically I’m recovering well.  Perhaps soon I’ll even be able to make it more than half a day without pain meds! :)

I really miss the simplicity of Burkina.

Thanks for listening,


NB: the ambulance ride alone cost the Burkina equivalent of a nice new moto ($714).  I shudder to think of the rest of the bills if things don’t start working out right soon.

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5 Responses to Stupid tangents

  1. Ruth Frownfelter says:

    I still say, “1-800-CALL-SAM” Rob. This is too big for small claims court. I think they only deal with amounts less than or equal to $1000.

    • wagarob says:

      thanks for the suggestion. i’ll look into it. a couple ppl contacted me that i know and would feel better working with, but i’m certainly trying to determine what my options are.

  2. Kelsey says:

    Is he being charged with any kind of crime? If so you should report his not having insurance to the police, as well.

    • wagarob says:

      He got a ticket for failure to yield. I mentioned the insurance thing to the police at the reception desk, but they seemed relatively un-interested and said basically that I would need to take this up as a civil matter. Others have suggested bringing it up to the police as well. So I guess if I were to get it added, I’d need to work through the officer involved in writing the report and/or a state appointed attourney (or both?). I find it all rather confusing, but it may need to be waded through soon. In the meantime, I’ll be following up some other possible insurance fronts on Monday. *fingers x-ed*

      • Kelsey says:

        Ok, well I’ll totally fly to you and fuck some bitches up if need be. I can break legs. Or skulls. And driving without insurance is a fucking crime, so definitely follow up with the officer involved. I’m really surprised that “failure to yield” is all he got. I’m sending you good thoughts though and my vengeance offer stands indefinitely.

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