Nutrition 2 – the “three” food-groups

In addition to counting only five continents (Africa, Europe, America, Asia, and Australia), anywhere from 49 to 52 states, and getting named in rough correlation to the saint associated with the day of your birth or in one of the many iterated names of the prophet, Burkina Faso’s MOH has settled on three principle food groups.

les trois catégories des aliments

This is to say that a well balanced diet should attempt to include something from each of these three categories in close to every meal.  The alliterated English equivalent being Go, Grow, and Glow foods (taught by volunteers in nearby Ghana and other English speaking countries).  The examples I decided to include in these images are locally available in many towns and cities of Burkina depending on the season (mostly for the fruits and veggies).

While nutrition is important for everyone, infant and maternal nutrition is particularly important and one of the leading health problems found in Burkina.

This poster intends to visually address a proper approach to child nutrition as well as proper hygiene.  I edited the text back to English upon the request of a friend trying to equip her buddy who was going to do nurtition work in Ghana.

For those Burkina PCVs reading this and getting bored with things you’ve already seen, I have decided to also include random art (basically pulled alphabetically) from my college days in each one of these Burkina specific posts.




Hope there was a little bit of something for everyone.  And please feel free to ask questions/give commentary/feedback.  Mr6.



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